Wednesday, June 20, 2012

P90X(R) - Kenpo X. I Punch BADLY.

Hey all!

It was Kenpo X today and my ham strings were so tight you could have played fiddle on them.  Thankfully Tony stretches you out at the start of this, but they were still really tight, especially for the kicking components.

KEY WORD: ADJUST. Make adjustments that allow you to keep going. It may not look pretty, but keep going!

Speaking of looking pretty, even if you're not planning to put your workout online, video yourself anyway.  I realized after watching the jab/cross/hook combo that I was leaving my elbow way down on the hook. Something to improve next time.

Obviously I'm still learning how to use a camera - or at least so that this editing software likes it.  I promise I'll get better.

I'll see you tomorrow with whatever I've got next.  I'm planning on actually using the scheduling feature of the WOWY Supergym for next week.

Speaking of WOWY - don't forget to get on, get registered and put in your workouts. Every day you do you have a chance to win $500.


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